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Eco-friendly Makeup Brushes

CHF 8.00CHF 13.00

Vegan brushes, ideal for applying makeup with a smooth, natural finish.


Because good quality brushes are essential for a successful makeup, we have selected a wide professional range. Our natural brushes manage all your application needs beautifully and efficiently.


Create the stunning, smokey, eye look, define your features or add glow to your face. They have firm yet flexible natural bristles designed for use with liquids, creams and powders.


Stylish design with wooden handle and metallic holder. In BLOOM we strive to be ecofriendly and these brushes are no exception. They are made of natural materials, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Vegan Makeup brushes

Refillable Makeup Palette

CHF 10.50

Paper magnetic case to personalize your makeup palette.


Build your own makeup assortment! This durable refillable palette is made of paper and can be constantly refilled. Just choose the refills and place them on the magnetic base.


Keep your makeup organized in a practical and eco-friendly way. You can add any magnetic makeup refills and accessories.


refillable makeup palette

Refillable Makeup Box

CHF 15.00CHF 25.00

Bamboo magnetic case to create your own makeup palette. Available in 2 sizes.


Bamboo box Small

Small in size and with an integrated mirror, this magnetic box is practical and allows you to easily slip it into a handbag.

This refillable makeup case can hold 4 Zao eyeshadows, 2 Zao powders or any magnetic makeup refills and accessories.

Dimensions : 130 x 75 x 13 mm


 Refillable makeup case


Bamboo box Large

This magnetic box offers a large palette to store and organize a large amount of eyeshadow and compact powders.

This refillable makeup case can hold 25 Zao eyeshadows, 9 Zao powders or any magnetic makeup refills and accessories.

Dimensions : 190 x 183 x 17 mm


 Refillable makeup case


Made in Italy by ZAO makeup, organic, cruelty-free and vegan certified makeup.


Makeup Sponge

CHF 6.00

Makeup applicator that blends liquid, creamy or powder products for a flawless look.


This makeup sponge is perfect for applying liquid or creamy foundation. It leaves your face with a natural and blended look. The natural rubber sponge is essential in your beauty kit.


Made in Italy with Natural & Biodegradable Rubber.


Natural makeup blending sponge