Aluminum, which is long-lasting & 100% recyclable.

Our bottles are designed to be used with personal care products. The Aluminum we use in our bottles is food-grade. This means that your products are safely contained and there are no substances leaking to the formulas.

Yes. We have pumps with sustainable Bamboo collars with two color options: White & Black.

We also sell the pumps separately.

We recommend that you clean your bottle from time to time with a damp cloth.

Do not put your bottle in the dishwasher, as the extreme heat can damage the color and label of your bottle.

If you store your bottles in the shower or bad, it is very likely that will build up some calcium deposits. Do not use harsh products to clean your bottle, most of the time they are not environmentally friendly and they can damage your bottle’s color and label. We recommend that you clean them with white vinegar. Tip: If the stains are to strong, leave your bottle soak in white vinegar for around one hour.


You can choose between a disposable carton pouch (Reduce Plan) or a reusable silicone pouch (Reuse Plan).

For more information click here.

Carton Pouch (Reduce Plan) – We ship the product refill in a disposable pouch with 95% less plastic than a normal bottle, reducing significantly plastic waste. You can recycle the main body of the pouch while you throw away the cap. Click here to find out  more about our Reduce Plan.

Silicone Pouch (Reuse Plan) – We ship the product refill in a reusable silicone pouch that you need to send us back once you refilled your bottle. This allows a zero-waste circular economy! You need to leave a CHF5.00 deposit that we will credit to your account once we receive the pouch back. Click here to find out  more about our Reuse Plan.

With every purchase you make with the Reuse Plan, we include a prepaid envelope so you can send us back the empty pouch.

Once the pouch is empty, simply fold it, insert in the prepaid envelope, and drop it in any mailbox in Switzerland.

Watch this video to see how to fold and insert the pouch.

Ideally, we would like you to return it so we can reuse them. But in case that you find it useful as well, you can keep it. Just keep in mind that we will not credit the CHF5.00 deposit back to your account.

You do not need to pay anything, shipping is on us!

Any time you buy a Refill with our Reuse Plan, we include a prepaid envelope so you send us the pouch back with zero hassle.

Products & Ingredients

In short, clean beauty stands for using beauty products made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm our health.

Our skin acts as a sponge, what you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your body and so just as important as the food choices we make.

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of ingredients. While some ingredients are known for having harmful health effects that range from skin irritation, to endocrine disruption (hormones) and cancer, some of the effects of long-term use of chemicals are unknown.

Parabens, Pthalates, PEGs, Ethanolamines, BHT, BHA, among others.


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