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Bamboo Dispenser Pump

CHF 2.50

Bamboo leak-proof dispenser pump, with lock system.


When you leave your bottles in a wet environment, your bamboo pump might get damaged in the long-term. Replace your pump for a new one.


Available in white and black, with two tube sizes. The large tube fits our L and M BLOOM bottles, and the short tube fits our S BLOOM bottles.

Sustainable bamboo pumps in black and white for shampoo forever-bottles.

Bottle Labels

CHF 1.50

Enhance the look and organization of your bathroom with minimalist bottle labels.


Designed especially for our Forever-Bottles, these waterproof and permanent labels are the perfect accessory for easy product storage and identification. They feature a minimalist design in black text, ensuring a clean and chic look for your bathroom. Choose from preset options like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or personalize with your own text for a truly unique touch.


Available in three sizes:

100ml: 5.1cm long by 4.3 cm wide

300ml: 7.4cm long by 5 cm wide

500ml: 7.4cm long by 6 cm wide



Bottle Vinyl Decal

CHF 1.50

Transform your Forever-Bottles and enhance the organization and aesthetics of your bathroom with our vinyl decal stickers.


Choose from five designs and preset text or personalize with any text. Available in gold, gray, black, or white, these semi-permanent stickers add both style and functionality to your self-care routine. Effortlessly apply for a personalized stylish touch to your bathroom decor, or remove and replace to update with another design or product.


Key Features:

  • Designs were conceived for each of our forever-bottle sizes: S, M & L
  • Preset text: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Wash, Lotion.
  • Available colors: White, Black, Gray, Gold.
  • Personalized text available.
  • Semi-permanent for durability against water and humidity.
  • Easy application and removal.