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Eco-friendly Makeup Brushes

CHF 8.00CHF 13.00

Vegan brushes, ideal for applying makeup with a smooth, natural finish.


Because good quality brushes are essential for a successful makeup, we have selected a wide professional range. Our natural brushes manage all your application needs beautifully and efficiently.


Create the stunning, smokey, eye look, define your features or add glow to your face. They have firm yet flexible natural bristles designed for use with liquids, creams and powders.


Stylish design with wooden handle and metallic holder. In BLOOM we strive to be ecofriendly and these brushes are no exception. They are made of natural materials, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Vegan Makeup brushes

Jumbo Metal Hair Pins

CHF 6.50

Set of 5 elegant hair pins with strong hold for your hair. Available in 2 colors.


Made with durable metal and designed with rounded ends to prevent hair damage. Their curved design contours to your scalp for a super comfortable hold.


Length: 8cm


hair pin accessories

Metal Hair Claw

CHF 6.90CHF 9.90

Simple, elegant, and durable hair claw. Available in 4 colors & 2 sizes.


Its teeth are rounded to prevent hair damage. Made with durable metal and strong springs to provide long-lasting, reliable use, and a secure grip.


This hair claw is made of high-quality alloy and strong springs to provide long-lasting, reliable use, and a secure grip. It is not easy to discolor or break. It is sturdy and durable and can be used repeatedly.


Available in 2 sizes:

Large: 7.5cm

Small: 4cm


Metal hair claw sizes

Refillable Makeup Palette

CHF 10.50

Paper magnetic case to personalize your makeup palette.


Build your own makeup assortment! This durable refillable palette is made of paper and can be constantly refilled. Just choose the refills and place them on the magnetic base.


Keep your makeup organized in a practical and eco-friendly way. You can add any magnetic makeup refills and accessories.


refillable makeup palette

Bamboo Dispenser Pump

CHF 2.00

Bamboo leak-proof dispenser pump, with lock system.


When you leave your bottles in a wet environment, your bamboo pump might get damaged in the long-term. Replace your pump for a new one.


Available in white and black, with two tube sizes. The large tube fits our L and M BLOOM bottles, and the short tube fits our S BLOOM bottles.


BLOOM bottle bamboo pump