You can personalise your bathroom bottle with any text you want. Choose between our predefined designs directly when you click on any of our bottles, or create your very own design with our bottle designer.

The wording is permanent and waterproof. It is made by hand in Switzerland, using permanent vinyl decal which is afterwards sealed with clear coat.

How to personalise your bottle from scratch with our designer

1. Access the bottle designer here: Bottle Designer

2. Choose the size of the bottle and colour of the pump

Bathroom bottle personalised

3. Choose the colour of your bottle

Bathroom bottle personalised

4. Customise your bottle with text or images and play with all the possible options

Bathroom bottle personalised

5. Scroll down on the right menu and add a personal care product (optional)

Bathroom bottle personalised

6. Specify the quantity and add to your cart

Bathroom bottle personalised

7. Check out your cart, add more items or edit your design

Bathroom bottle personalised

More about our reusable bathroom dispensers

Empty or filled with one of our natural personal care products.

Personalise your bottle! Choose the size, color, design, wording, and pump to match your decor.

What makes our Bottles so special?

They are leak proof, lightweight, ecofriendly, designed them to last for a long time, and made of food-grade 100% recyclable Aluminum.​

Starting Price: CHF9.50

Leak Proof

The pump design is perfectly adapted to the bottle mouth, preventing any leaks. Just switch left-right and the pump is locked.


Our bottles are made with high quality food-grade Aluminum This means that they do not leak any substances to your products.


With every refill, we include a product label. This way you can always identify the product you are using.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike Plastic, Aluminum can be recycled an indefinite number of times without losing its qualities. Recycling it requires only 8% of the energy used on its primary production.


Aluminum is super light, this means a low carbon footprint for shipping.

Forget about plastic and bring some design to your bathroom.

Small (100 ml)

Carry-on friendly, your companion for trips, spa days, gym sessions or just to keep it in your purse.

Medium (300 ml)

Ideal for those product you use everyday.

Large (500 ml)

Perfect for products of moderate use.

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- Say no to plastic, & yes to clean beauty.
Let's change the world one bottle at a time -

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