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Forever-Bottle Metallic Champagne

CHF 9.90

Forever-Bottle Unit
Sizes: S, M & L


Bring style to your self care and get rid of single-use plastics. BLOOM Forever-Bottles bring a touch of sustainability to your beauty routine. Refillable and reusable, they are essential for a zero-waste bathroom. They are perfect for your personal care products, refill them with your favorite products from our catalogue.


Create your own set with a unified look or mix and match sizes and colors. Display your products in a chic manner with a personal touch by incorporating customizable labels or stickers for a personalized bathroom decor.


Our Forever-Bottles are crafted with premium food-grade aluminum, guaranteeing no substance leaks, and preserving the integrity of your products. The bamboo pump is leak-proof and includes a left-right lock mechanism to prevent spills.


Minimalist refillable soap dispenser set 100ml-300ml-and-500ml


S (100ml)

Ideal for toiletries in your carry-on luggage, gym sessions, or to keep them in your purse.

12cm height by 4cm diameter, bottle mouth size is 28/400


M (300ml)

Our medium soap dispensers are perfect for any of your personal care products.

19cm height by 5cm diameter, bottle mouth size is 28/400


L (500ml)

With large capacity, this soap dispenser is perfect for your everyday personal care products.

19cm height by 6.5cm diameter, bottle mouth size is 28/400