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Toothbrush Kids -Super Soft-

CHF 5.00

Sustainable bamboo toothbrush ideal for children.


With this sustainable toothbrush for children, your kids will be twice as active: they protect their teeth and they also help the environment by avoiding plastic. The brush is vegan, the bristles made from renewable resources are BPA-free and the bamboo handle is biodegradable.


The extra soft bristles are ideal for children’s sensitive gums, especially when the little ones brush a little harder. Moreover it has excellent cleaning properties. Due to the size of the brush head, the sustainable toothbrushes are suitable for children from 3 years on.


Manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials – BPA-free – petroleum-free – varnished with natural colors – medium bristle. Hydorphil toothbrushes are the first climate-neutral toothbrushes in Europe.


Wooden Hair Comb

CHF 7.00

Handmade comb that gently detangles hair & distributes natural hair oils.


This natural pine wood comb is an excellent alternative to conventional plastic combs. Its spaced bristles are especially useful to untangle wet hair without damaging it.


Its bristles evenly distribute the natural oils of your hair from the scalp to the ends. They also massage the scalp, stimulating blood flow and providing healthy nutrients to the hair follicles. This improves hair growth, prevents hair loss, and prevents scalp dandruff.


Measurements: 14.5cm x 5cm


Entirely sourced and handmade in Hidalgo, Mexico

Hair comb wood